In When PUSH comes to shove:
RSS and PULL technologies

I say:
Coming to terms with PULL implies a mindset amenable to the paradigm shift required to transition from print literacy to multiliteracy. In the read-only century, information was distributed top down utilizing PUSH technologies. The worst impact most of us suffer from having stuff pushed at us all the time is spam in our email inboxes. However, in most workgroups, there thends to be an over-reliance on email as a the prime means of disseminating information. This means that each recipient, each node on the information distribution network, has to develop its own unique and redundant information management system to cope with the deluge. If the office is re-envisaged, then documents are stored in one place and the master updated as required, but not only that, if I update the master, I don't need to send you an email and in so doing PUSH that email out to a hundred people who don't care if the document is updated or not, increasing the deluge in their inboxes. On the contrary, I have in mind a system whereby when that document is updated, those who are interested will have subscribed to the feed that alerts them that an update is available. The only management system that each person has to master then is to be subscribed to the correct feeds (and some of that could be automated). This system is a lot more streamlined and efficient than the one where we PUSH everything out to everybody and then wonder later why some people are working off out of date versions of our documents.

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